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The NVIDIA Titan X (Pascal) 12GB Graphics Card Review

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As a shock to almost everybody, on July 21st NVIDIA revealed the presence of the brand-new Titan X graphics cards, which are based upon the new GP102 Pascal GPU. It shares a name, for some inexplicable factor, with the Maxwell-based Titan X graphics card introduced in March of 2015, this is card is a substantial efficiency upgrade. Making use of the biggest consumer-facing Pascal GPU to day (with just the GP100 made use of in the Tesla P100 surpassing it), the brand-new Titan X is mosting likely to be a really costly, and also really rapid video gaming card.

GP102 attributes 40% even more CUDA cores than the GP104 at a little reduced clock rates. The ranked 11 TFLOPS of solitary accuracy calculate of the brand-new Titan X is 34% more than that of the GeForce GTX 1080 and also I would certainly anticipate video gaming efficiency to range according to that distinction.

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As has actually held true given that the intro of the Titan brand name, NVIDIA declares that this card is for players that desire the best in graphics equipment in addition to for designers as well as require an ultra-powerful GPGPU gadget. GP102 does not incorporate enhanced FP64/ dual accuracy calculate cores, so we are primarily considering an updated as well as boosted GP104 Pascal chip. That’s absolutely nothing to sneeze at, obviously, and also you can see in the requirements listed below that we anticipate (and also can currently reveal you) Titan X (Pascal) is a video gaming beast.