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Intel GPUs have Arrived!

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0:00 – ARC Has Entered the Chat … on LAPTOPS.
0:55 – Intel ARC 3, ARC, 5, ARC 7.
1:57 – Intel ARC Names Explained.
2:31 – A NEW Architecture for Xe HPG.
4:00 – Intel ARC Specs, Speeds & TDP.
5:53 – ARC Performance … Sorta.
7:17 – New Media Engine Looks INSANE.
7:46 – Intel Deep Link EXPLAINED.
9:20 – Intel ARC Is HERE!

No Review Units or Sponsorship was given by Intel. As per Hardware Canucks standards, no evaluation instructions was gotten from supplier, though an instruction was offered.

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The Intel ARC graphics cards are below with the ARC 3, ARC 5, ARC 7 GPUs which are being released right into pc gaming laptop computers and also designer laptop computers with a launch day in April. Prior to after that, we can speak concerning Intel ARC specifications, efficiency as well as an entire great deal even more consisting of an awesome modern technology called Deep Link.

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