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I Tried AMD to See How Bad It Really Is

Web link to the card I got:

Well, a great deal of individuals do not buy AMD for a variety of factors. I wished to evaluate this, so I got a radeon rx 6700 (non-xt).

My Spotify:

For making use of DDU have a look at this video clip by Ancient Gameplays:

0:00- Installing the.
0:59- Initial Impressions.
2:18- Driver Problems.
3:04- AMD Software.
4:41- In-game Enhancements.
5:55- The Nvidia Advantage.
8:54- The AMD Advantage.
9:55- rx 6700 efficiency.
10:21- Fortnite.
11:25- Last people Part 1.
12:13- Overwatch 2.
13:08- Dishonored 2.
13:40- Forspoken.
14:05- rx 6700 efficiency testimonial.
15:00- Sapphire Pulse rx 6700.