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I Downgraded To The RTX 4070 & I Don’t Regret It

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► Parts List
► CPU: https://bit.ly/3nakP0i
► Cooler: https://bit.ly/3LyP4HD
► Mobo: https://bit.ly/44eMfmC
► SSD: https://bit.ly/3HmuCXQ
► RAM: https://bit.ly/41MqJUi
► PSU: https://bit.ly/425XFqF
► Case: https://bit.ly/44erRSz
► GPU: https://bit.ly/3VlF0Fm

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Speaker: Brett Sticklemonster
Videographer: Brett Sticklemonster
Editor: Catlin Stevenson
Thumbnail Designer: Reece Hill